DMX Tool, XMT-120A

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DMX Tool, XMT-120A


Professional DMX512 measurement tool and tester for lighting technicians and lighting installers.

The XMT-120A is a powerful DMX512 measurement and testing tool for architecture, entertainment, film and TV lighting and installations using DMX512. Simplify the debugging of lighting installations (temporary or permanent), or any application where DMX is used to control lighting.

Monitor DMX512 signals as well as analyse and display them. The XMT-120A can also generate DMX512 signals and supports the control of more complex fixtures. The testing of RGB LED lighting with many channels is easy to do with the XMT-120A. With additional features such as cable tester, timing analysis, sequence editor, channel "tracer", dip-switch display, flicker finder, and Min/Max display this device is ideal for troubleshooting and resolving DMX512 signal challenges and yet remains very simple to operate.

  • DMX receiver
  • DMX transmitter
  • RGB LED control
  • Moving light control
  • Cable tester
  • Channel tracer
  • Dip-switch display
  • Programmable sequence
  • Timing analyser
  • Adjustable DMX frame rate
  • PC software
  • And more...

Complete Set includes:
XMT-120A, X-CASE-MT, X-ADAPTER-5-3 & 3-5

Manufacturer Part No.: 10 30 25

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