DMX & RDM Splitter - Single Rackmount, XSR-5R


DMX & RDM Splitter - Single Rackmount, XSR-5R


A reliable DMX and RDM splitter that processes DMX and RDM signals.

A specially designed power supply ensures safe operation even under changeable mains conditions. All ports are individually isolated and well protected against transient over voltages.

In the "DMX-only" mode only DMX data is passed through, without RDM or other protocols.

The XSR splitters are visible to RDM controllers. Offering a better overview of the installation and assisting with trouble shooting.

  • High level of reliability
  • Boosts DMX & RDM
  • Regenerates DMX & RDM
  • Reduces reflection problems
  • Distributes DMX & RDM
  • Optical isolation on each individual port
  • 5 x 5-pin DMX outputs
  • Built-in line termination
  • Rackmountable

Manufacturer Part No.: 10 12 21

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